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AHH! Vanessa Hudgens Is Transformed As Pregnant Homeless Teen

Reblogged from Amy Scarlata Oh boy, this movie looks intense. 24-year-old Vanessa Hudgens is leaving High School Musical behind and going for a much grittier look…
quietriot Dec 02, 2013 Originally by amypiehoneybunch

OBSESSED: Demi's Blue Hair & Gunmetal Jacket

Reblogged from Amy Scarlata Demi Lovato is getting EVEN better with age. The 21-year-old songstress and X-Factor host looked badass walking into Jimmy Kimmel rocking blue…
quietriot Dec 02, 2013 Originally by amypiehoneybunch

Demi Lovato Debuts Blue Hair!

Reblogged from stylelover Is not new that Demi change her color of hair everytime, she dyed her hair of so much colors, red brown, black, blonde…
quietriot Oct 04, 2013 Originally by stylelover

Demi Lovato Dyes Her Hair Blue

Reblogged from Caitlin O'Brien Demi Lovato always makes looking punk rock seem so easy. The singer, 21, performed on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and…
quietriot Oct 04, 2013 Originally by caitlinobrien

Current Obsession: Veronica Mars

Reblogged from pishelle Alright, I know, I'm years late. I'm a huge bandwagoner, I'm not even ashamed. I don't even know how I missed Veronica Mars…
quietriot Aug 05, 2013 Originally by pishelle

Miley Premiers Music Video For 'We Can't Stop'

Reblogged from Brandi Cyrus Miley is premiering her music video for WE CAN'T STOP today exclusively on Vevo!!   If you don't already have the single you should…
quietriot Jun 21, 2013 Originally by brandicyrus

The Maine On Their New Album 'Forever Halloween'

Reblogged from Sara Scoggs   // Take a look at our new interivew with The Maine about their latest album, Forever Halloween. Be sure to stay tuned…
quietriot Jun 12, 2013 Originally by sarascoggins

Happy 6th Anniversary Riot!

Reblogged from EdIsAGenius Six years ago today, Paramore platinum album Riot! was released. Do you remember when you bought it? To celebrate this birthday, find below the four…
quietriot Jun 12, 2013 Originally by edisagenius

Avril Lavigne Premieres 'Here's To Never Growing Up' Music Video

Reblogged from Ann Wissner The Canadian singer dresses up in the clothes she wore for early singles like Sk8ter Boi in the video for new tune…
quietriot May 10, 2013 Originally by avrilkawissner

Preview Demi Lovato's New Album

Reblogged from Emily Bowman Demi Lovato is set to release her fourth studio album titled DEMI on May 14th! If you haven't preordered the album yet, I…
quietriot May 08, 2013 Originally by emly1b6
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